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  • How To Maintain The Air Cooler Fan Reasonably?
    Jan 03, 2019

    How To Maintain The Air Cooler Fan Reasonably?


    1. Cleaning:

    After a long time operation of the air cooler, the filter will accumulate dust and dirt, thus blocking and affecting the air flow and cooling effect. It is best to clean every two weeks. The method is as follows:


    (1) Unplug the power cord;


    (2) Take away of the screw and removal of the filter;


    (3) Remove the filter screen and the cooling pad together;


    (4) Cleaning with water and detergent mixed with appropriate concentration;


    (5) Put the filter into the sink/ bucket, wash it for 5 minutes and then clean it with clean water. Be careful not to install the filter with water directly.




    (6) Re-install the filter screen and wet curtain to dry.


    2. Maintenance:


    (1) Evaporative Air Cooler is not used for a long time, the water in the water tank should be cleaned up;

    8Water Tank 

    (2) Clean the filter.


    (3) Normal temperature air supply 15-30 minutes, so that the inside of the water cooling fan is completely dry, especially the honeycomb (Cooling pad) part;


    (4) Reuse plastic bags for protected.


    RBW Evaporative Air Cooler considered what you are thinking and try our best to provided the best effect and convenient service for you!

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