How to keep cool in Summer: RBW Air Cooler With Mist Function Review
- Nov 15, 2018 -


As the temperature goes up across the country, people stay in the room to hide from the hot air outdoors. Are you tired of staying in the room like a mole and barely go out and do outside activities.


Do you ever try a solution?

You may be tired of using patio or porch because of hot air, and maybe also tired of electrical fans or paper fans with ice packs, also you’re informed by news or radio about the heat stroke, and tell you to avoid of direct sunshine, but now, you could consider a solution, to own one air cooler fan with Mist function.


One air cooler fan can lower the temperature significantly if in a low humidity area or region, It can cool you directly by a natural way, and especially, it can be used outdoors, you could know how this fan works by the following photo.

It can not only cool the air but also purify and humidify the air, the honeycomb, which is also called evaporator, cools the air by evaporation, wanna see how this air cooler fan works, by watching RBW LL-16A air cooler vedio review 

16A S 3面水帘_副本

In the video, it’s easy to put water inside by open the water cap, and only need few steps, you can enjoy the cool air, of course, you could read the instruction manual in detail to have full understanding of how it works. Press the humidify button softly, it produces mist.

It’s time to choose this air cooler fan with elegant design, and enjoy the cooling in this summer.






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