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  • How to choose the right evaporative air cooler for your area?
    Feb 06, 2018

    Many people mistake air cooler for air conditioner, air cooler has no compressor and it could only for spot cooling, but air cooler is better to use in open area and more effective for very dry region.

    Then how to choose the right air cooler?

    Quality is the primary, so choose the local famous brand, and warranty assured factory.

    certification is also necessary, at least, the products which are certified and inspected by the third-party are more assured.

    Secondly, carefully check if the air outlet is big enough, and feel the airflow of the product at the distance of at least 1.5 meters.

    Thirdly, ask if the plastic material is new first-hand ABS plastic, some use second-hand plastic material to lower the cost, but as you might not know the second-hand material is sometimes harmful, and good new ABS is more durable and no pollutants. Like the following air cooler with new ABS plastic, it’s glossier and heavier.


    Lastly, check the honeycomb size, the honeycomb plays great role in cooling effect, like the above one, it has three cooling pads, and the back thickness of the honeycomb is up to 68mm, so the cool effect is better, it could reduce the temperature up to 15 degrees Celsius in the humidity of around 40%.

    What’s more, if the air cooler has the function of Ionizer, it could purify the air and healthier.

    More evaporative air coolers you could click to www.rbwaircooler.com

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