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  • Business Evaportive cooler fit for which place , How to calculate the Qty air cooler needed?
    Sep 01, 2018

    1.Evaporative cooler’s using area  

    1. Evaporative cooler is popular and well-suited to the desert or semi-desert 

      area. In dry, arid climates, the installation and operating cost of an 

      evaporative cooler can be 80% lower than that of refrigerate air conditioning.

    2. In some heat producing and smelling factories, for example: plasticfactory, 

      the evaporative cooler can lower the temperature and filter the smelling.

    3. Evaporative cooler is suitable for opening door’s population area. For 

      example: Coffee shops, Bus station, Train sation, Exhibition Hall, Bank, Park and so on.

    4. Evaporative cooler supply natural humidified environment, it can use in 

      agriculture base, greenhouse, livestock house. 


    2. Installation and calculation of the Evaporative cooler units



    How many units of evaporative cooler need to be installed in a facility We use 

    the following formula to calculate:

    Cooler unit=(facility area×facility height)×times of refresh air÷cooler 

    Ventilation Capacity

    For example: a factory area is 1500 sq meter, and it is 6 meter height. It is 

    going to install QF-18 serial evaporative coolers (ventilation capacity is 

    18000 cub meter/hour).How many units need to be installed

    Cooler unit=(1500 sq meter×6 meter)×10 times/hour÷18000 cub meter/hour


    The evaporative cooler’s cooling capacity is relative to the ambient humidity and environmental temperature. Temperature Drop Table:


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