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  • Air cooler solves many problems in conventional water cooling system
    Dec 21, 2017

    1, pure water cycle, water quality is clean, does not knot scale.

    2, no pool, cooling tower, small footprint.

    3, closed circulation, no debris into, not long moss, pipeline will not be blocked.

    4. Small size, good integrity and convenient installation.

    5, the use of closed cycle, water consumption is very small.

    6, can avoid the summer equipment condensation water caused by the fault.

    7, storage tank small volume, winter can use high frequency water antifreeze, to avoid the high frequency system caused by water failure of ice.

    8, the equipment in a sudden blackout, water supply can still continue to cool.

    9. Low power consumption.

    The spray device is prepared for the hottest weather in summer, which consists of an independent circulatory system, such as a spray pump, a water tray, and a spray tube. The nozzle is added between the fan and the heat pipe, a small amount of water jet to the fin surface of the heat transfer tube, so that the surface temperature below the atmospheric temperature, so as to meet the requirements of heat transfer temperature, spray to the surface of the heat transfer tube after vaporization can take away a lot of heat, play a complementary role in the cooling capacity.

    Fan selection of high wind, low noise, small power axial flow fan, pump selection pipe pump, therefore, in the same head and flow of the case, the conventional water-cooled system used in the centrifugal pump motor power and air cooler use of the fan and circulating pump power and basically equivalent. The air cooler is provided with a distribution box, which can control the circulating pump, blower, spray pump and digital temperature display instrument, and interlock with the equipment.

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