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  • Portable Evaporative Cooler

    20L Water Air Cooler for Room RAINBOW WAY Room Air Cooler
    2 kinds of water inlet methord
    3 pieces High density dust filter
    3 pieces honeycomb
    Detachable water tank, easy to fill in water and clean
    Product Details:

    20L Water Air Cooler for Room

    Keep your cool with Water Air Cooler for Room evaporative cooler plus fan. 

    This handy device is environmentally friendly and effectively cools a room space by up to 8 degrees. 

    Keep it in your office, next to your bed, while camping, or any other place you might need to cool down.


    *Keeps the air cooling, refreshing and dust-free at home and office

    *Easy humidity adjusting, in case the dry air under air conditioner air cooling and purifying

    *High density dust filter Air purifying for a cleaner, more hygienic environment

    *4 speeds – easily adjustable for the needs of different people and different time

    *Remote control more Convenient 

    *Energy saving design

    * Detachable water tank Water Air Cooler for Room and office, easy to clearn and put into the large ice 








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