Evaporative Cooler

  • Energy Star Evaporative Cooler

    Energy Star Evaporative Cooler

    * LCD Touch Screen
    * 18Liter water tank
    * Remote controler
    * High density honeycomb best cooling effection
    * 100% copper motor
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  • Water Evaporative Cooler

    Water Evaporative Cooler

    * Touch sensor Control
    * 2500 m³/h (1500CMF) Slim Personal Cooler
    * Watered on top cover easy and more convenient
    * 4 Speeds with sleep model fit for different person used
    * Up & Down, Left & Right swing automaticly via Remote Controler
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  • Two Stage Evaporative Cooler

    Two Stage Evaporative Cooler

    * 4500 m³/h provided Super strong wind via 2 windows
    * 5 pieces large size cooling pad (Honeycomb)
    * Ionizer function remove the bad smelling
    * Left & Right, Up & Down Swing Automatically
    * 1-24 Hours Timer
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  • Mobile Evaporative Cooler

    Mobile Evaporative Cooler

    * Small size but Strong wind 2500 m³/h
    * 3 Different water inlet window
    * Removable water tank
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  • Evaporative Cooler Manufacturers

    Evaporative Cooler Manufacturers

    Evaporative Cooler Manufacturers,Features:Three sides honeycomb could lower the temperature as far as possible,2500m³/h air flow enough cover 30 square metres,Silent work mode, noise level less than 42dB,Centrifugal,Centrifugal double Fans blows large wind,30L capacity, water...Read More
  • Indoor Evaporative Cooler

    Indoor Evaporative Cooler

    New Design Small Evaporative Air Cooler With Remote control Features: large air volume :650m³/h air flow Work Silent, noise level ≤42dB Cross Flow Fan,stronger wind 7L water tank Ionizer for fresh air 24hrs Timer Water pump protection Moveable drawing water tank Specification...Read More
  • Evaporative Cooler Room

    Evaporative Cooler Room

    Evaporative Cooler Room,Features:Cross flow fan for large air outlet,Large water capacity for the whole day use,Low power consumption, only 100W,Durable castors, easy to move,First-hand plastic materialRead More
  • Small Evaporative Cooler

    Small Evaporative Cooler

    Unique design,centrifugal blower not axial,CB &CE certified for safe use,30L large water tank for the whole days use,14m/s fast air speed, and fast lower temperature,14m/s fast air speed, and fast lower temperature,Extra fuction like USB charging fuctionRead More
  • Room Evaporative Cooler

    Room Evaporative Cooler

    950 CFM Room Evaporative Cooler With 30L Water tank Features: large air volume of 1600 m³/h,Work Silent, noise level ≤45dB,Centrifugal Fan,stronger wind,30L water tank,Ionizer for fresh air,24hrs Timer,Extra Mist functionRead More
  • Home Evaporative Cooler

    Home Evaporative Cooler

    45L water tank, can run the whole day Simple structure for easy after-sale repair FOC spare parts during One year warranty CB &CE certification 6.5M remote controlRead More
  • Whole House Evaporative Cooler

    Whole House Evaporative Cooler

    45L Big Water tank Household Air Cooler With Remote Control Features: Three cooling pads for optimum cooling large air volume :2500m³/h air flow Work Silent, noise level ≤42dB Centrifugal Fan,stronger wind 45L Complete water tank detachable design Ionizer for fresh air 24hrs...Read More
  • Evaporative Cooler Swamp Cooler

    Evaporative Cooler Swamp Cooler

    Evaporative Cooler Swamp Cooler,Features:Features:Six high quality and high water absorption honeycomb,Two layers with two fans for large airflow,Elegant design and all first-hand new plastic,Two height of 1270mm & 1550mm can be chosen,Cover around 50-55 square metresRead More
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