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    Product Details:

    30L Removable Tank Room Air Cooler Swamp Coolers

    RAINBOW WAY 30L Removable Tank Room Air Cooler Swamp Coolers is a portable cooling solution that offers unrivalled convenience & keeping the air cooling around you, refreshing and pure.



    Multiple Cooling Speeds: Enjoy cool air faster with multiple cooling speeds to choose from.

    Oscillating Louvers: Direct airflow where you need it for the most cooling coverage with automatically oscillating louvers .

    Fill Design: Smaller swamp coolers have removable water reservoirs you can tote to a sink and back. Other models may feature a pour-in design or hose hookups for direct filling.

    Remote Control: Allow you to adjust settings from a comfortable distance.

    Timer: A great energy-saving feature, program your cooler to turn on or off at certain times of the day.

    Air Filtration: Eliminate large allergen particles like dust and pollen as you cool by choosing a model with added air filtration. Some swamp coolers also include activated carbon filters for odor filtration.

    Ionizer: Keep the air fresh by releasing negative ions into your space.

    Additional Modes: Some models can work independently as humidifiers, air purifiers, and fans.








    30L Removable Tank Room Air Cooler Swamp Coolers are great options if you need flexibility and a cooler that goes anywhere you need it to.USB function more convenient for our mobile phone or other USB production charges .





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