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  • Mobile Evaporative Cooler

    Mobile Evaporative Cooler
    * Small size but Strong wind 2500 m³/h
    * 3 Different water inlet window
    * Super large 45L water tank
    * Removable water tank
    Product Details:

    Mobile Evaporative Cooler

    l  Small size but Strong wind 2500 m³/h

    l  3 Different water inlet window

    l  Super large 45L water tank

    l  Removable water tank

    V9AS主图 4.jpg

    Cooler works on the principle of evaporative cooling. When hot air blows through a wet medium in the cooler, the evaporation happens and the air gets cooler there which then is blowed forward using the fan.

    The normal coolers which we use would be having honeycomb(cooling pad) as cooling medium. Water will get absorbed into the paper and when the hot air gets in contact with the paper surface, the evaporation happens. This will in turn cause a drop in temparature which is spread in the surrounding using the fan




    Cooler works best when the air flow is high in the room, so keep the windows and doors open. The temperature goes down 5-8.



    No worry to find the USB charger, it could be charges the mobile, Ipad and others USB products.



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