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  • Commercial Evaporative Cooler

    * 2500 m³/h (1500CFM) Air Flow, 220W power;
    * Automatically Swing
    * Water shortage alarm
    * 3pcs High-density Dust filter
    * Extra Height
    Product Details:



    l  Water tank holds 45L, for a 8 hour run time

    l  Comes with a remote control and timer for your convenience

    l  Utilizes 2-quiet crossflow blowers for maximum air throw

    l  3-sided pad intake area allows for maximum cooling

    l  Features an oscillating design for maximum cooling

    l  Most CFM delivered per $ of any evaporative cooler

    l  Ideal for Living room, Office or your Conference Room

    l  1-year warranty


    l  Extra Height fit for different furnitures. Sofa, wooden furniture etc.


    l  Different water inlet way for different choice


    Cooling Effect Reduced up to 5-12  (41-53.6 )

    Temperature is over 42(107.6F),Humidity is lower 40%.




    Easy to charge the hand phone, other USB productions



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