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  • Aerocool Evaporative Cooler

    * Super size Air outlet window.
    * Low power but strong wing.
    * 30L water tank
    * Air cooling+ Air Purifiying + Air humidified 3 in 1
    Product Details:


    Aerocool Evaporative Cooler

    l  Super size Air outlet window.

    l  Low power but strong wing.

    l  30L water tank

    l  Air cooling+ Air Purifiying + Air humidified 3 in 1


    Large air flow 1350m3/h with 4 speeds.

    * 100W only, save Energy

    * Powerful Cooling

    * Left & Right swing automatically

    * Ionizer function-the air more Fresh




        Cooler does not take much energy to cool the area, some of the coolers have a energy rating of 60-220 Watt.Whereas the normal energy rating of Air Conditioner is in the range of 1000's of watt.



    Mobile phone , Ipad, USB production can be charges by this USB socket, very easy and handy.



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