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  • Room Air Cooler

    • 30 Liter Room Air Cooler
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      30 Liter Room Air Cooler

      This evaporative air cooler of LL-16A is more powerful with max power consumption of 220W, air speed is 14m/s. Add much ice as possible for better cool effect, reduce temperature could be up to 5℃~10 ℃. This model uses large cooling pads, our cooling pads are good in water absorption and no...
    • Room Air Cooler Fan
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      Room Air Cooler Fan

      Rainbow Way Technical Co.,Ltd is established in Beijiao Town, Foshan Guangdong, which produces small portable air cooler, room air cooler, Commercial air cooler and Industrial air cooler. Features: 1. Centrifugal fan, air speed 14m/s 2. One cooling pad&three cooling pads for option...
    • Cool Down Room Air Cooler
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      Cool Down Room Air Cooler

      RBW LL Q8B1/A1 air cooler is popular in the market with its unique design and very low noise. Many customers complain that most air cooler in the market is with very loud noise, but this model has one of the most advantage is LOW NOISE but the cooling effect is also good. Characteristics: LOW...
    • 30L Removable Tank Room Air Cooler
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      30L Removable Tank Room Air Cooler

      Characteristics: USB charging function(optional) Three honeycomb pads with good water absorption& no smelly Seperated Water Tank for easily clean LOW power consumption, the whole consumption is only 100W Remote control, easy operation OUR factory Guangdong Shunde Rainbow Way Technical...
    • Portable Evaporative Cooler Room Use
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      Portable Evaporative Cooler Room Use

      Room Air Cooler of model RBW LL-16A is one of best selling models for household use, this model uses centrifugal double turbos so that the air speed can be up to 14-15m/s. Large capacity of 30 liters can be used for the whole day, and no worry to refill the water from time to time. Night...
    • Low Noise Room Air Cooler
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      Low Noise Room Air Cooler

      Low Noise Room Air Cooler Model RBW LL-16C, the air outlet is very big,470×290mm, which let large airflow come in and out smoothly. The fan of this model is cross flow fan and left to right swing is automatically, up to down swing is manually. The loading qty is 190pcs/20’GP and 442pcs/40’HQ....
    • Water Room Air Cooler
    • 20L Water Air Cooler for Room
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      20L Water Air Cooler for Room

      20L Water Room Air Cooler RBW LL-V8 air cooler is our new model for 2018 year, and the design is more creative and unique. The capacity is 20 liter, which could meet daily need. Super air outlet and the air flow can be up to 2500CMH. Features: 1.Oscillation function, swing left to right and up...
    • Evaporative Air Cooler for Room Use
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      Evaporative Air Cooler for Room Use

      Air cooler of V8 is all ABS plastic body and it’s antibacterial and deodorant. LCD touch screen panel is very easy for operation, and Ozone mode function could purify air. Advantages: 1.Top water putting in, easier to operate 2.Moisture balance, could check humidity anytime 3.Automatic reversing...
    • Mobile Room Air Cooler
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      Mobile Room Air Cooler

      Features Super air outlet with big airflow 2500CMH Three large honeycomb cooling pads, excellent water absorption High pressure blower, wind can cover 14metres High quality three honeycomb cooling pads Instant comfort and refresh cool wind 45 Liter ensures long water use
    • 20L Water Tank Room Air Cooler
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      20L Water Tank Room Air Cooler

      Air Cooler of Q8A1 has two centrifugal blowers and it produces large strong but silent wind. 20 Liter removable water tank could easily add water in and to be cleaned. Characteristics 1.20L removable water tank 2.Two centrifugal blowers 3.New ABS plastic housing 4.Portable with remote control...
    • Power Saving Room Air Cooler
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      Power Saving Room Air Cooler

      Rainbow Way New air cooler of model R9 is 18 Liter water tank and with specially designed air outlet for maximum wind. ABS housing plastic is good for health and eco-friendly. Strong wheels is easy removable. If in dry region, the temperature can be reduced up to 12℃-15℃ if the humidity is below...
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