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  • Air Cooler

    Rainbow Way air cooler is a trustworthy leader in evaporative air cooler and heater products. Mobile evaporative coolers are developed to bring cooling and clean air to indoor and outdoor area.
    • Evaporative Air Cooler Price
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      Evaporative Air Cooler Price

      New model LL-R9,18L capacity water tank with clear water level indicator. 100W power, compared with air conditioner, more energy saving and environmental protection. New structure design greatly increases the dimension of air outlet and ensures air flow more powerful.
    • Home Evaporative Air Cooler
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      Home Evaporative Air Cooler

      20L capacity water tank design, meet the needs of family daily use. Touch sensitive display control panel, stylish and easy to operate. Thin outlook design, no space limitation. Two optional body color, better to decorate your home.
    • Water Evaporative Air Coolers
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      Water Evaporative Air Coolers

      Unique designs: two air oulets, two water inlets, three cooling pads design. At the time of enjoying the cold wind, water cooling fan is more environment , while which price is more competitive than air conditioner.
    • Room Evaporative Air Coolers
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      Room Evaporative Air Coolers

      Large air oulet design for LL-V9AL, wind could be flowed strong and over a long distance. Separate main body and tank design, easy to add ice and ice box, to achieve good cooling effect.
    • Evaporative Air Cooler Fan
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      Evaporative Air Cooler Fan

      Centrifugal blower with three side cooling pads, air volume up to 2500m3/h. Medium size for the air cooler, can be arbitrarily placed anywhere in the home. Intelligent temperature display function, let you know the living temperature.
    • Best Evaporative Air Cooler
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      Best Evaporative Air Cooler

      Air cooler RBW LL-Q8A1/B1, with elegant appearance to decorate your home. Full swing design, let you enjoy the fresh air cooling from multiple perspectives. Ion function, effective purify the air, pay more attention to human's health.
    • Indoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler
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      Indoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

      Air cooler RBW LL-Q8A/B, 100W rated power - Low noise and Low power consumption. 30 liter detachable water tank, easy to clean, avoiding bacterial growth, give people a healthy living environment.
    • Small Evaporative Air Cooler
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      Small Evaporative Air Cooler

      Air cooler RBW LG-16D, which is the portable one for home use. 7L detachable water tank, can be easy to add water and clean. 120°automatical Left & Right swing, let you feel the cold wind in a wide area. Product Features Remote control , Separate Water Tank * Fan: Cross flow fan, smooth...
    • Indoor Water Air Cooler
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      Indoor Water Air Cooler

      RBW LG-16C has multiple air purification systems: Superior unique air filter net + High density honeycomb media + Ionizer, effectively cleans air while cooling down the temperature. Special structure design, noise level can less than 45 decibel, give you a comfortable and quiet environment....
    • Room Water Air Cooler
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      Room Water Air Cooler

      Air cooler RBW LL-16B, rotate 360 degrees, wide coverage the cooling space. Three side cooling pad & centrifugal turbine fan, have fast cooling effect and 1600m3/h strong wind. In the open space, when temperature is over 42℃, humidity is lower 40%, the air cooler can reduce up to 8-15℃....
    • Portable Water Air Cooler
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      Portable Water Air Cooler

      Cooling fan RBW LL-16A, which it is the best choice in hot summer. Morden outlook design with 30L water tank, full fill water can use for a whole day . Three side cooling pads design increase the air volume more effectively. Product Features * Centrifugal double turbines, airflow can reach...
    • 7 Liter Mini Small Air Cooler
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      7 Liter Mini Small Air Cooler

      * Small Round Design
      * Detachable water tank, 7 Liter
      * Remote control
      * Left & Right swing Automatic
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