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  • Swamp Cooler

    • Home Swamp Cooler
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      Home Swamp Cooler

      Product Overview Two fans design for large spaces for living rooms, offices and buildings. RBW swamp cooler can be easily moved inside the room. Additionally, the vertical and horizontal swing louvers blows the air automatically throughout the room. The digital touchscreen and remote control...
    • House Swamp Cooler
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      House Swamp Cooler

      Eco-friendly and Low-energy Swamp Cooler This swamp cooler is ideal for cooling and refreshing. The enlarged air outlet could push the air more smoothly throughout the room. It’s designed to keep the running cost low and maximize the airflow and energy efficiency. Unlike the air conditioner,...
    • Swamp Cooler Inside
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      Swamp Cooler Inside

      Combat arid area with RBW V8 model with 2500CMH airflow. It can cool the area up to around 600 square feet. RBW air cooler can easily cool down the air inside the home, besides horizontal and vertical swing louvers let this swamp cooler a must necessity in your room. LED Touchscreen +Remote...
    • Swamp Cooler AC
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      Swamp Cooler AC

      The Swamp cooler 16A model is a cost effective way to cool the room, costing around one third of AC unit. The swamp cooler uses natural process of water evaporation. The honeycomb absorbs the heat of the air and the fan blows and disperses the cool and clean air out. Features 1.Easy operation :...
    • Water Swamp Cooler
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      Water Swamp Cooler

      RBW 16C water swamp cooler is portable and designed for small spaces, and 30 liter water tank is ideal for single room cooling in homes and offices and some other spaces around 280 sq.ft, and using 4 speeds and 4 wind options, you can customize the wind option. High-density filtration protects...
    • Portable Swamp Cooler
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      Portable Swamp Cooler

      Enjoy a refreshing indoor space with RBW 16A model swamp cooler. The portable swamp cooler is best for small and medium-sized indoor space coverage around 269 square feet With its modern design, RBW16A model is a perfect companion for living room, bedroom or patio. It’s designed to maximize the...
    • Energy Efficient Swamp Cooler
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      Energy Efficient Swamp Cooler

      Add fast cool to your room and office with RBW Q8B swamp cooler. Ideal for room covering up to 322 square feet, it uses four fan speeds including sleep mode to distribute the air throughout the room, Rainbow Way engineers create efficient model, which only consumes 100 watts of power but the...
    • Top Swamp Coolers
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      Top Swamp Coolers

      The swamp cooler of V8 model is ideal for spot cooling, and it could quickly cool space up to 269 square feet. Up& down and left& right automatic swing move cool air throughout the room. Transport it easily from room to room with its portable castors, only consuming 100W totally. The...
    • Cheap Swamp Cooler
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      Cheap Swamp Cooler

      This swamp cooler is the perfect companion for small room use. The compact and elegant design looks beautiful. All body is made of ABS plastic material and pure copper motor. ※Evaporative cooler type: Household and residential ※Coverage Area: 20㎡ ※Controls: Electronic ※Recommended use: Indoor...
    • New Swamp Cooler
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      New Swamp Cooler

      This new swamp air cooler is equipped with a strong pure copper motor, and it will give fast and cool wind, which is best for the room use. Popular design could meet all your demand. Specification
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